September Testing on site – Ellis Guilford

We are looking forward to seeing all our pupils back in September so want to make sure they are all their friends are safe to be here regarding Coronavirus.

As you may be aware, those under 18, and those double vaccinated do not need to isolate after coming into contact with a positive case as of 19th August 2021. However, as most students are not vaccinated and some adults in the community may not have had both their doses, it is extremely important to make sure that everyone has done lateral flow tests 3-5 days apart before and on returning to school to minimise the chances of the virus being spread in school.

Home testing

You may test at home 3-5 days apart – if doing so we would recommend that the second of these tests is done the night before or on the morning of starting school. You do not need to inform us of results unless the result is positive. Please report any positive results to school on this link

School testing

In addition, and following government guidance, all schools are required to offer an opportunity for pupils to be lateral flow tested onsite on their return.  This is not compulsory. The dates for these tests are listed on below (PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT CHANGE TO LETTER PREVIOUSLY CIRCULATED – YEAR 8 DROP-IN TEST 1 WILL NOW BE ON THURSDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER AM, NOT FRIDAY)These tests are Lateral Flow Tests as you would use at home – not PCR tests – and your child will be given a barcode for their test which you will be required to register online in order to receive a results text. We process the tests here and will inform you directly only in the advent that your child tests positive.

Consent for school to do LFD tests

You must have already given consent (either from March when they were previously tested in school or a new consent) in order for them to have a lateral flow test in school. ​You can do this via this link: If you wish to withdraw consent previously given, you may also do this via the same link.

Please read the attached privacy notice below before filling in the consent form.

Times to come in for testing if you wish your child to do so

For drop -in test 1 – these will be a number of days BEFORE your child’s actual starting day, pupils can come in to be tested and return home immediately afterwards: 
Year 7 – Tuesday 31st all day – pupils must attend with parent to fill in consent forms. Year 8 – Thursday 2nd Sep AM – may attend without parent as long as consent already given. Year 9 – Thursday 2nd Sep PM – may attend without parent as long as consent already given. Year 10 – Wednesday 1st Sep AM – may attend without parent as long as consent already given. Year 11 – Wednesday 1st Sep PM – may attend without parent as long as consent already given
They should come to the sports centre side entrance, this will be clearly signposted.

For test 2 – these will all be once your child has started back at school

Any queries please contact

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