Parent Pay & Catering

New to Ellis Guilford – Aspen’s Catering

From February 20th, 2023, Aspens will assume charge of providing all school catering for our pupils. Aspens are a national school catering provider and the preferred caterer for our Trust, CET, where they provide the food for most schools.

The menus will be sent out just as they currently are, on a Friday so that parents and pupils can make choices for the following week, whilst we have insisted that our pupils’ favourite ‘Chicken and Chips’ will still be served every Friday.

Food will still be served from each pod every day as well as the main restaurant which will undergo a ‘makeover’ over half term.

Of course, there will be menu changes with a new provider, and we look forward to another positive move forward for our school. Please see links below for information on menus and the new ‘Streateries’.

Importantly, we have agreed no changes to cost of our food, though this will be reviewed during the academic year.

We will be asking pupils for feedback, and hope that new menus will support all our pupils to enjoy eating in the school.

How to put money on your child’s account – Parent pay

Online Payments with ParentPay

At Ellis Guilford, we use ParentPay for online payments for school meals, snacks, trips and other items. Students are also welcome to bring a packed lunch and snacks from home if they prefer.

ParentPay –

ParentPay enables you to pay securely online for school meals, trips and other items. For details about the Academy’s cashless system, please see the Useful Links below.

Your ParentPay Account

You will receive your invitation to register for ParentPay when your child begins at the Academy. For new Year 7 students starting in September, you will receive your activation codes during the summer break.

Parents/carers need to ensure their child’s lunch account is topped up so it remains in credit (Low Balance Alert can be set in ParentPay under Communications – Alert Settings).

How to pay for food (Biometrics)

We use Biometric ID (finger ID) scanning to link students to their payment accounts. Students scan their finger at the till to deduct monies from their account.

Parent/carer consent for use of your child’s Biometric Information will be requested prior to starting at Ellis Guilford. Please let us know before they start in year 7 if you do not wish to be sent these consent forms, by emailing

Free School Meals & Holiday Vouchers

To check to see whether your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please click on the Nottingham City Council link below for details of how to apply. Application forms for Free School Meals are also available from

If your child is eligible, the Pupil Benefits Team will notify us and we will update our records to ensure that your child receives their allowance for Free School Meals.

Each child in receipt of Free School Meals is currently entitled to shopping vouchers during the holidays. This is currently £15 per child per week.

For any queries regarding Free School Meals or holiday vouchers, please email

More about Aspens

For more information about Aspens, their food and services, how they purchase food and their contribution to the environment, please have a look around Apsen’s website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Aspen’s team in the restaurant or click here to contact Aspens directly.

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