We Will Rock You

Want to audition for our new and exciting school musical? Well you’re in the right place!

There are LOTS of parts in this show. Some do lots of solo singing and acting, some do a little bit of solo singing, some do solo acting but only group singing and ALL of them get involved in singing as part of a group.

If you would like to be considered for one of the lead parts then you will need to complete an audition so that we can hear what you sound like singing and acting on your own. Don’t worry though you don’t have to be perfect yet we just need to be able to hear how strong your singing voice is!

Girls Audition

For this you will need to sing some of the song ‘Somebody to Love’. Press play below to listen.

Boys Audition

For this you will need to sing some of the song ‘We Are The Champions’. Press play below to listen.

If you have any questions in the run up to the auditions then please speak to Mr Collington, Mrs Hudson or Mrs Waldron at any time.

If you want to audition or want some more information about the school musical click the links below.

First Workshop: Thursday November 18th – 3:30pm till 4:30pm

Second Workshop: Tuesday November 23rd – 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Auditions: Thursday November 25th – 3:30pm – 5:00pm