Annual School Vaccination Programme 2020-21

Annual School Vaccination Programme 2020-2021 – Parent Consent

Each year, students in year 8 and 9 students are offered three vaccinations which follow on from those their pre-school boosters.

These Vaccinations are – HPV (which protects against cancer) DIPT/P (which protects against Diptheria Tetanus and Polio) and ACWY (which protects against Meningitis.

We strongly urge all school children to take part in this programme. We have all recently seen how effective vaccines can be with the rolling out of the Covid-19 vaccinations and we feel that these childhood vaccinations are extremely important.

They take place across both year groups for both females and males and will be during the school day on specific dates in June and July of 2021. These dates will be confirmed nearer the time.

Students over the age of 13 can give their own consent but so everyone is fully informed we would ask parents to give consent using the links shown below and read the attached letters and leaflets.

Year 8 link:   The code for school is NG122828

Year 9 link:   The code for the school is NG122828 Please follow the links to the letters below for more information on these vaccinations.