Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Preparing to begin Year 7

Once you have discovered that your child has been accepted into Year 7 at Ellis Guilford, there may be more information that you wish to know.

Becoming part of the school community

By the time that term begins on Tuesday 3rd September 2019, students will have already visited Ellis Guilford on a number of occasions, experienced lessons and met their teachers and peers.

In addition to this, we have several systems in place that ensure that students in Year 7 feel integrated into the school community throughout their first year with us.

  • Year 7 and 8 students share their break time, meaning that they can meet students who have recently experienced the transition process.
  • Year 7 students have lessons with people in their tutor group and have the majority of their lessons with Year 7 staff, including their tutor.
  • They follow the Discovery Curriculum (see more information about this below).
  • Each tutor group is allocated to one of the four Houses and will stay with that House throughout their time at Ellis Guilford.

Transition Days

Students will be involved in two Year 6 Intake Days on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019. During both days, they will get to know their tutor groups, have taster lessons and experience break and lunchtime.

On Monday 8th July, between 4.00pm and 7.00pm 2019 there will be a welcome meeting for parents and carers of Year 6 pupils. More details about this will be sent to you via letter.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 is the start of term for Year 7 pupils. Students will spend the day in their tutor group and will have a variety of sessions on getting to know each other, team building expectations and finding their way around the school.

What will my son or daughter be learning?

Students in year 7 study a broad and balanced curriculum that offers challenge for all. Students will complete school assessments within their first term to ensure they are placed in the right groups for their academic ability and can access support if needed. Our aim is to develop ambitious learners who are independent and confident, accessing increasingly challenging work as their school year progresses.

What does a typical day look like for a Year 7 student?

The school day runs from 8.50am to 3.10pm. You can view the timings of the school day here.

What extra curricular activities are provided?

The school provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to experience learning activities outside their timetables and extend learning outside of the classroom.  This includes the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, join sports clubs and to take part in student leadership roles within the school. As an example, the current after school timetable is available in the documents below. This list is updated on a regular basis and is not fully comprehensive, as some activities and clubs take place at break times.

Student Information Booklet

Student Information Booklets for parents and students will be given out during Welcome Meetings at your son or daughter’s primary school. These take place in March and April 2019.

Further questions

If, after reading the Student Information Booklet, you have any further queries regarding the transition process, please contact the school. A member of our Admin Team will be able to put you through to someone who can help.