John Williams – Assistant Principal

I joined Ellis Guilford School in September 2000 as a Teaching Assistant working with students with special educational needs.   In January 2001, I began training to be a teacher on the Graduate Teacher Training Programme with my placement at Ellis Guilford School.  I qualified the same year as a teacher of ICT and RE. I have spent the whole of my teaching career at Ellis Guilford School and am very proud of this.

During my career, I have held the following leadership posts:

  • Head of Year
  • Head of ICT
  • Director of Mathematics
  • Assistant Principal

I have also taught a number of subjects:

  • RE
  • ICT
  • English
  • Business Studies
  • Mathematics

My current SLT responsibility is as the school Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).  I enjoy the challenge of this role and particularly the satisfaction of knowing that my work is ensuring that Ellis Guilford students are safe.  I’m committed to ensuring that all students know that they are protected by an experienced and vigilant Ellis Guilford safeguarding team of staff.

Outside of work, my main interests are fitness and Indian Philosophy.  I have trained and fought in Muay Thai boxing and western boxing at Elite level – retiring from Amateur boxing undefeated at age 40.  I am learning how to read and write the Hindi language in preparation for further travelling in India and have an interest in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.