Fiona Aris – Senior Vice Principal

I joined Ellis Guilford as Senior Vice Principal in September 2020. I have been a Headteacher of a large City Primary School that was recognised in the Parliamentary review, as one of the most improved in the West Midlands. I am a very experienced Senior leader with a proven track record of raising outcomes in primary and secondary schools. I have successfully supported a number of schools in my career to date to move from very low start points (inadequate) to become good.

I am committed to improving the life chances of young people, through supporting schools to provide the best quality of education. I specialise in Quality of Education, working to improve teachers planning and delivery in the classroom through modelling outstanding practice and encouraging staff to share their best practice and work together.

I am also experience in successfully developing ‘leaders’ to ensure schools have firm leadership platforms from which they continue to grow and become self-sustaining. I teach English and specialise in Food Technology and Child Development.