Key Staff

Directors of Faculty, Year Team Leaders, Pastoral Support and the Leadership Team all welcome you to contact them about matters regarding your son/daughter. Please be mindful that they may be teaching and will get back to you as soon as they are available. If you are not sure who to direct your query to, please use the general enquiries email address ( and your email will be forwarded onto the appropriate person.

RoleStaff Member
Executive PrincipalC Keen
Head of SchoolG Johnson
Vice PrincipalD Fugil
Vice PrincipalJ Chambers
Assistant PrincipalJ Williams
Assistant PrincipalN Lever
Assistant PrincipalJ Girling
Assistant PrincipalJ Neville
Assistant PrincipalL Hudson
Assistant PrincipalA Richardson

SubjectStaff Member
EnglishMrs I Simpson
MathsMiss R Victor
ScienceMrs J Platten
CultureMr A Massey
LanguagesMrs E Teipoarii
DesignMrs Y Harvey
ComputingMr J Underwood
PerformanceMrs L Hudson

YearStaff Member
Year 7Miss K Horner
Year 8Mr J Helan
Year 9Mrs H robinson
Year 10Mr G Webb
Year 11Mrs K Renwick