CET Curriculum Statement

There are three principles that underpin the curriculum experience that a child receives at Ellis Guilford School. 

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An ambition curriculum that includes: 

  • Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development through Religious, Social and Moral Education. 
  • Career opportunities including, access to careers interviews with trained Careers advisors and opportunities to engage with employers including, Careers Fairs, Mock Interview and College Experience days. 
  • Consistent recognition of successes through ‘Fabulous Friday’, gold, silver and bronze badge awards, pupil of the lesson certificates and EGS STAR pupils.  

An academic curriculum that includes: 

  • Access to a breadth and depth of subject content. 
  • Opportunities to experience a range of subjects in KS3, before GCSE option choices are made. 
  • Access to extra-curricular opportunities which enhance subject content. 

A Knowledge Connected Curriculum that includes: 

  • Deep subject knowledge and the skills needed to apply that knowledge. 
  • Exposure to art, literature and music. 
  • Skills needed to communicate with a range of people in a variety of contexts. 
  • Skills required to contribute positively to society as a tolerant, respectful and active citizen.  
  • The skills and knowledge needed to integrate into any social environment, as well as to question it. 
  • The knowledge of, and ability to apply the 6 Concepts of Knowledge Connected within the curriculum and the wider world through a unique and discrete strand of the CET curriculum- an ‘enhanced entitlement’. 
  • Knowledge and guidance on careers and further education opportunities, as well as the skills needed to pursue these endeavours.