Lateral Flow Device Test Kits

As you may be aware, from yesterday the DfE has encouraged students and staff in schools to embark on daily contact testing for 7 days if they have been in contact with a positive case.

LFD test kits available in schools can be used for this purpose.

A continued thank you to everyone who has encouraged their child to take the free covid home test kit packs that are being offered to them.  This is a vital way to help stop the spread of the virus. It is important that your child continues to test themselves during the Christmas holiday period twice a week. 

For details on testing before returning to school in January please see below a letter from the principle dated 16/12/21.

If required, extra test kits will be available from student services on Thursday 12th December at 12.30pm when students leave school site.

Please read the link to the letter at the bottom of this page below regarding testing at home, but here a/re a few quick reminders:

  1. Test kits given at school are only for students. If you require these for yourselves please go to:
  2. All results must be logged with the NHS here:
  3. All results must be logged on the school tracker here:
  4. If your child tests positive please isolate your household, ring school immediately on 0115 913 1338 and you must also arrange for a PCR (lab) test kit to double check:

Please contact us with any queries we are always happy to help. Email to

Please look at these other helpful links:

Guidance for families:

How to do a test:


Reporting the results is as important as taking the test in order to understand how the virus works and affects our communities. Please see the government blog for more information:

Government Blog on Reporting Your Test Results

Also see our Facebook page for an information video:

Updated 16th December 2021