Covid-19 Updates

Covid Updates 29/4/21

Since 8th March students have been back at school and in face to face lessons. After they started back from the Easter break, restrictions still apply regarding ‘Hands Face Space’ and face coverings are still strenuously encouraged in lesson times and wherever students cannot maintain a 2m distance.

For more information on control measures in school, the schools full risk assessment is available on the links below.

Testing your child at home

For full information on Covid testing at home please see our ‘Home Test Kits’ page by selecting the page from the dropdown menu on the left. The principals letter dated 16th March also contains all relevant information and links to home testing success.

For information on how to get test kits for your own use, please select ‘City Council information’ page from the same dropdown menu. Updated (30/43/21) government guidance on asymptomatic testing is also available here:

A huge thank you to all parents who have supported their children in testing at home, this will have a positive impact on stopping the virus from spreading. Please remember that EVERY test done must be logged on the governments website:

Kits will continue to be available from school, please ask your child to ask their tutor for these. A pack of 7 tests should last 21 days.

Update on Positive Cases 

The home testing programme continues to be very successful, identifying several students with positive LFD tests. One of these from year 8 has been confirmed with a PCR test as guidance has requested. All identified contacts of this students have been identified and have been asked to isolate at home for ten days. 

They will be working remotely and via live lesson link. 

A link to a general letter for parents regarding positive cases is issued at the bottom of this page. 

Anyone asked to isolate should continue to use their home kits in case they have a positive test, in which case you should ring school to let us know. You MUST also order your confirmatory PCR test from

If your child has been asked to isolate and receives a negative test with home LFD kits, unfortunately this does not mean that they can end their isolation and start attending again as they may still be a carrier for the virus. 

We have to act in a precautionary way to protect everyone in the school community and thank all parents with their continued invaluable support with this. 

Please keep in touch with us via: and we will continue to answer any queries you have as best we can. 

Many thanks, 

Ellis Guilford Covid Support Team