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Year 11 Prom

Each year we hold a Year 11 Prom to celebrate their success and achievements throughout the year. The Prom will take place on Thursday 1st July at 7.00pm until 10.00pm. for further details please click on the link below:

Critical Incident Management

Mr C Keen has issued a letter providing some clarity on a letter relating to the school preparing to practice a ‘lockdown’ in the event of a critical incident. Please click the link below to read the letter.

Mental Health at EGS

Kelly Soar – Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Counsellor

Kelly Soar has joined Ellis Guilford to ensure students have immediate and easy access to mental health support services. Once Kelly graduated from Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute with an honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, she volunteered at a range of organisations helping young people. She also managed her own private practice before joining Ellis Guilford.

Kelly said: “I hope I can bring some new and valuable mental health support to the school. While my role is to directly support the students, I hope it will have a ripple effect throughout the school. Better mental health equates to better concentration, attendance, behaviour, happiness, quality of life and so much more.”

Principal Chris Keen is pleased to welcome Kelly into the school. He said: “Having a mental health counsellor in school is so important. That constant presence in this capacity reminds everyone that it’s okay to need someone to talk to.

“In addition to normalising counselling, it’s far better to have in-school counsellors rather than refer to external agencies with waiting lists of up to eight months. Mental health services are stretched so it’s essential we offer our students faster access to support.” On plans for her future at Ellis Guilford, Kelly added: “I hope to build an established and familiar presence in the school and that more students find the courage to trust me and reach out for support if they need it.”

Drop In Sessions are available from 8:15am

Monday – Year 7

Tuesday – Year 8

Wednesday – Year 9

Thursday – Year 10

Friday – Year 11

End of Term Letter

Mr Keen has published a letter giving an update on the end of term arrangements and the start of next term. We wish all a very happy Easter and look forward to a new term. To view the letter please click the link below: