Anthea Bell Translation Prize for Young Translators

Congratulations to the following pupils whose competition entries for the Anthea Bell Translation Prize for Young Translators, based at Queen’s College, University of Oxford, were selected as the best in their level at Ellis Guilford by Miss Matsagoura. This is an excellent achievement and deserves to be celebrated!

Level 1 – French

Success Tetteh 7MYE, Mohammad Mehmood 7LEA, Teslimat Omisola 7TCO, Amna Kausar 7TCO, Shereen White-Mcleod 7TCO.

Level 1 – Spanish

Rachna Rhode 8JBI, Harley Howarth 8TVA, Beatrice Omoigiawi 7ETE, Amna Kausar 7TCO, Cienna Grant 7SMI.

Level 2 – Spanish

Marieme Ndao 9EWH.

Their entries will be sent through to the regional judges for the next round. Stay tuned for the results!

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