Month: June 2021

Anthea Bell Translation Prize for Young Translators

Congratulations to the following pupils whose competition entries for the Anthea Bell Translation Prize for Young Translators, based at Queen’s College, University of Oxford, were selected as the best in their level at Ellis Guilford by Miss Matsagoura. This is an excellent achievement and deserves to be celebrated!

Level 1 – French

Success Tetteh 7MYE, Mohammad Mehmood 7LEA, Teslimat Omisola 7TCO, Amna Kausar 7TCO, Shereen White-Mcleod 7TCO.

Level 1 – Spanish

Rachna Rhode 8JBI, Harley Howarth 8TVA, Beatrice Omoigiawi 7ETE, Amna Kausar 7TCO, Cienna Grant 7SMI.

Level 2 – Spanish

Marieme Ndao 9EWH.

Their entries will be sent through to the regional judges for the next round. Stay tuned for the results!

Year 11 Prom

Mr Brooke has published a letter giving Year 11s, parents and carers an update on when the Year 11 prom will take place this year. For full details please click the link below:

Year 11 Notices

The Principal, Mr Keen has written to Year 11 parents/carers providing support to those Year 11’s who wish to come into school before their leaving date on 25 June. Please click the link below to read the letter.

The Ellis Guilford App


If you have not yet downloaded the app and logged on you could be missing out on crucial information that directly effects your child’s education.

The new app is already being used to log absence, attendance for Year 11, photo and video consents and there is much, much more coming very soon!

Don’t miss out! Your logon code has been emailed and text to you using the email and phone number we have registered for you at school – if you believe this to be incorrect then contact us now. The email will have come from ‘Weduc’ – check your spam folders just in case!

Principal’s Post

Welcome back to all pupils at the EGS! A lot happened during the past week since we returned from the half term break. Year 11s continuing to be focused in the classroom, attendance figures continue to rise thanks to hard work of our excellent attendance team and staff. Lessons have been exceptionally calm and purposeful, let’s continue the trend this week.