Month: December 2020

End of Term Update

Mr C Keen has written a letter to all parents/carers reflecting back on this half term. Please click the link below to view:


End of Term Arrangements

Mr Chris Keen has written a letter to parents/carers regarding the end of term arrangements. Please click the link below to view:


Festive Jumper Day

Mr Chris Keen has written a letter to parents/carers to welcome students to participate in wearing a festive jumper on Friday, 18th December 2020 in support with Save the Children.


We’re proud to announce our Knowledge Connected winners!

This year’s Knowledge Connected challenge to redesign the front facing structure of the ground and first floor of the school has proved a hit with new Year 7 students.

Our students were given the opportunity to create designs for an extension to the building. The brief was to create more light within the area while using an interesting structure that would reach the second floor.

Knowledge Connected is the name given to Creative Education Trust’s (CET) programme of creative education. It combines six concepts that frame Knowledge Connected, these include structure, pattern, meaning, performance, human interaction, and practice.

Following an in-depth selection process, Mr Keen announced three worthy Year 7 winners this week.

Awarded with a framed Knowledge Connected certificate, chocolates, mug, vouchers and water bottle, our winners are: 

Olivia Kelley whose design combined two different styles. That of Norman Foster and the other from Thomas Heatherwick. 

Olivia said: “I tried to include more style and bigger buildings. I also showed a window with the Ellis Guilford logo and the CET logo on the side. I tried to make a symmetrical design/pattern.”

Havana Tuker’s idea, inspired by the brief, was to make an unusual design style. 

Havana explained: “I was thinking about what to put on the design and I picked Art Deco and the high-tech art. I included a balcony for students and teachers to look out across the view and plenty of windows creating more light so less electricity will be used in the day.”

Jayden Powell was inspired by Norman Foster in his design. 

Jayden stated: “I thought it would be creative to add a unique design. I also chose this style because it improved the building and fitted in very well. I thought about using more modern materials like glass so it could look presentable and plenty of light.”

At Ellis Guilford, we stand together AS ONE!

We are incredibly proud and over the moon to share with you our first Ellis Guilford production which supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fortunately, racism isn’t something we experience at our school. We’re fully inclusive, we have staff and students from all walks of life, and we work and learn together as one.

Many of our students decided they wanted to do something to show their support to BLM, this was led by Year 11 students Shania Williams and Shirayne McDonald, both of whom feature in the film.

Together with their teachers, the students came up with a new concept which we all live and work by at Ellis Guilford – we are together in everything we do:

We stand together

We learn together

We grow together

We succeed together 

We are committed to ending racism and we wanted to do something to get the message across. Every single student and member of staff at Ellis Guilford is incredibly proud of this production and are committed to ending racism and working together “as one”.

Please view our production video here and let us know that you stand with us in the fight to achieve equality for everyone.